Rat Race (2019)

Rat Race is an art piece produced by Chris Freyer in 2019

Video Walkthrough of the (Framed) Original

An abstract art representation of street signs, a trivial pursuit game board, and the feeling of being stuck in the rat race maze of life.

With the success of the game board-based Escape the Witch piece, I decided to keep exploring the world of abstract game board design. It seemed to be perfect for my style of art and I have always been intrigued with board game design, particularly vintage board games. I was looking to do a more political or even propaganda inspired piece. I was on a jog and ran passed a construction zone that had a bunch of street signs stacked up. I pulled out my phone and took pictures of all the different signs, thinking it would make a cool art project at some point. I didn’t end up using those photographs but it did inspire finding more silhouette illustrations, much like the ones I used for Escape the Witch. Having used a Parcheesi game board design for that piece, I started looking for other game board designs and came across a Trivial Pursuit game board. The wheels really started turning and the design came naturally once focused on the Trivial Pursuit board. Rat Race is definitely one of my personal favorite art pieces that I have produced.



Color-corrected digital

Rat Race framed original artwork by Chris Freyer

Framed Original

Development of Race Race


Posca acrylic paint pens

Molotow acrylic paint pens

Westcott ruler and shape templates

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