Tag: Abstract

Tag: Abstract

The Pinball Experience (2021)

The Pinball Experience by Chris Freyer

Choose your own adventure! Tokens transport you to… Your perspective of the world will never be the same Acquire artifacts to unlock a parallel reality Pairs well with Explorers and The Last Starfighter Your ability to balance instincts and strategy are questioned Acquire pixels to bridge your analog past and digital future Pairs well with

Escape the Witch (2019)

Escape the Witch is an art piece produced by Chris Freyer in 2019

Produced for the 2019 San Diego County Fair’s Fine Art Show / ‘Oz-some’ category. The piece ended up making the art show, received an Honorable Mention, and a donated award from the East County Art Association. It was early 2018 when I started work on this piece so I had the natural inspiration of starting

Metaphysical Transmutation (2019)

Metaphysical Transmutation is an art piece by Chris Freyer in 2019

3rd installment in my Buddha series. With my prior piece making a fine art show, I was feeling incredibly inspired to spend time and produce a really fantastic piece that showcased cool design and artistic skill. I decided to go back to the well with a Buddha design but to make it way more dynamic