Metaphysical Transmutation (2019)

An abstract art representation of meditating and the concept of metaphysical transmutation

3rd installment in my Buddha series.

With my prior piece making a fine art show, I was feeling incredibly inspired to spend time and produce a really fantastic piece that showcased cool design and artistic skill. I decided to go back to the well with a Buddha design but to make it way more dynamic than the prior two. Believe it or not, this piece took months and it was even shelved for a little while. Actually, I started preliminary design work on my next two pieces before I returned to finish this one.

Metaphysical Transmutation is an art piece by Chris Freyer in 2019
Metaphysical Transmutation is a modern abstract art piece by Chris Freyer, produced in 2019

Metaphysical Transmutation framed original artwork by Chris Freyer
Picture of the framed original

Development of Metaphysical Transmutation


Posca acrylic paint pens

Molotow acrylic paint pens

Westcott ruler and shape templates

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