Creative DNA (2017)

With this piece, it was time to take a giant step forward. I was intrigued with the design of a pulsar map, as well as the various designs that different waves make (DNA, sound, radio, circuit, etc.). As you can see from the development pictures, the layout was centered around the pulsar map and really grew from there, incorporating some true abstract design that I was starting to specialize in.

My first attempt at coloring the piece was a disaster so I did a whole other outline that turned out better than the first.

Creative DNA is a monumental piece in my art career. It was the first piece that I researched the design inspiration, mapped out the color schemes, and learned that it was OK to start over if it really wasn’t working. It was also the first piece that made an art show – it was a part of the 2017 San Diego County Fair Fine Art Show.


Creative DNA is an art piece produced by Chris Freyer in 2017

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Development of Creative DNA

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