Calling All Satellites (2018)

Inspiration for this piece was really just the interest in satellites and control towers. As I started sketching, I stumbled on the idea of a layout where it was uncertain if ‘contact’ was being made from the ground or from the sky. As I keep progressing with the piece, I figured out the dimensional aspect of having the satellites that were more in the foreground align with the outer rings and vice versa.

Once I started coloring the piece, the design of the sky changed several times. Originally I wanted UFOs in the sky but ended up scrapping that idea for a more homogenous black sky. Working mostly with Posca acrylic paint pens for this piece, it allowed me to fix mistakes or segments that didn’t look right.


Calling All Satellites is an art piece produced by Chris Freyer in 2018

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Development of Calling All Satellites

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