Cranium Carnival (2019)

An abstract art representation of circus and carnival games adapted to the Cranium game board design

Keeping with my game board design style, Cranium Carnival is inspired by (you guessed it) the Cranium game board. This piece was a blast to make, although it is one of the most time-consuming pieces in my portfolio. I spent a lot of time crafting the color scheme because I knew I wanted the piece to be very busy and colorful. Besides Superhero Monopoly, I would say this piece is the most stunning in person (especially the original with all the Liquid Chrome highlights).

Cranium Carnival is a modern abstract art piece by Chris Freyer, produced in 2019
Cranium Carnival framed original artwork by Chris Freyer

Development of Cranium Carnival, Circus Edition


Posca acrylic paint pens

Molotow acrylic paint pens

Westcott ruler, compass, and shape templates

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