Sasquatch! (2023)


Video Walkthrough of the (Framed) Original

Inspiration for Sasquatch! abstract artwork

When the San Diego County Fair announced their 2023 theme to be ‘Get Out There’, I instantly knew I wanted to produce an art piece having something to do with Big Foot.

My Superhero Monopoly game board artwork made the ‘Heroes Unite’ theme fine art show in 2022 and my Escape the Witch Parcheesi game board artwork made the ‘Wizard of Oz’ theme show in 2019.

Get Out There 2023 San Diego County Fair theme

Which game board would work well for a Big Foot/camping theme?

Brainstorming…………then it hit me. The Sorry! game board and naming the piece Sasquatch!

Unfortunately the piece did not get accepted into the show, which was a bit of a surprise. I’m proud of it though – it’s actually one of my personal favorite pieces.

Anyone for a game of Sasquatch!?



Color-corrected digital

Framed Original

Development of Sasquatch!

Sasquatch early pencil outline
Initial sketch
Sasquatch early outline
Early penciling
Sasquatch Outline
Early outline
Sasquatch early color
Early color
Sasquatch working on color
Working through color; decided to simplify the piece and scrap the intricate square designs


Golden high flow acrylic paint

Posca acrylic paint pens

Molotow acrylic paint pens

Montana acrylic paint pens

Westcott ruler and shape templates

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