I. Web Design

Websites that I have built for clients, friends, and family

  • Avec Bloom – A splash website for the up and coming brand
  • Music Trajectory – A magazine site for alternative music fans
  • Jonathan Freyer – A portfolio site showcasing the art works of Jonathan Freyer
  • Lucy Postins – A personal website for the owner of The Honest Kitchen
  • Zendula Land – A dynamic site showcasing the writings and illustrations of J.E.F. Rose
  • Grandville Sheeple – An illustration-rich site for the satirical stories of J.E.F. Rose
  • Double Agents – A support site for a novel by Tony Freyer

II. Graphic Design

Client Work – Exponents Insta USA, Inc.

Client Work – The Honest Kitchen

Freelance Work

Logos and Typography

Book Covers

Graphic Design