Brief summaries of my professional, educational, and art careers.

Professional Career

Marketing Extraordinaire! Here’s my resume.

I worked at a highly successful small business in the 2000s that introduced me to marketing. South Bark, check them out. You wear a lot of hats when you work at a growing business. It was the marketing hat I loved the most.

My career advanced to the marketing team at The Honest Kitchen, consistently awarded for having great company culture. Once you work at a company that takes good care of you, you’ll never take it for granted.

From the top, I have worked at a liquor store, the San Diego Zoo, a chemistry lab, a wine distributor, 13 consecutive years in the pet industry, and most recently the 1st marketing hire at a trade show company. Quite diverse.

My specialty is Content Strategy, a true integration of many different marketing disciplines.

As of 2020, I have 13 years of experience in marketing. Here’s what I believe:

Successful marketing boils down to fantastic copywriting and design. Marry that with an alignment of customer experience and company culture and your business is going to GROW (big time).

Educational Career

I love learning. I have a ridiculous amount of Certifications. I continually educate myself at LinkedIn Learning, Hubspot Academy, Google Garage, and others.

My college years started at UCSC studying Mathematics, and later changing my major to Legal Studies. I changed my major one more time, and transferred to UCSD where I received my Bachelor’s in Political Science. Don’t think this helped my career in marketing? Well, I learned to write, critically think, and get in people’s heads. I think PoliSci is a great degree for a marketer đŸ™‚

Art Career

My art career is more of a recent happening. It started with a sparked interest in…’adult coloring’. [Thank you family member who gave me that coloring book in 2015]. It’s said that coloring is a stress reliever. That may be true, but for me it was an artistic launching pad. I started producing my own original artwork in 2016.

It took me a few years to be confident enough in my work to call myself ‘an artist’. I imagine this might be a tricky label for a lot of you out there. I truly believe that everyone has unique creative talent. It’s just a matter of figuring out what it is, getting inspired, and dedicating the time to get better at your craft over time.

I should mention that my father is an accomplished artist. So, I grew up with art around me.

Launching this website here in 2020 is a big step in trying to establish myself as an artist. Calling on my skills as a marketer and my love of art, I have aspirations to launch a website that promotes artists who produce abstract art, like myself. Look for this project to launch soon!


Outside of ‘work’, I love music, sports, and healthy living. Proud daddy to my daughter – third generation artist, watch out world!

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All the best to you and your creative outputs!

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